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Intermediate & Senior STARSkate


What can you expect?

During the Intermediate and Senior STARSkate levels, your skater's journey continues further as they develop into higher levels of figure skating and aim their sights on achieving their gold levels! A gold level in any figure skating discipline (Freeskate, Artistic, Dance, and/or Skills) is the highest testing achievement a skater can reach! 

Intermediate skaters are working on completing their remaining levels (assessments) in the STAR 1-5 program:
  • STAR 3-5 Freeskate - Elements & Programs
  • STAR 3-5 Dance - Assessments on steps, patterns such as Baby Blues, Swing, Fiesta Tango, and Willow Waltz
  • STAR 3-5 Skills - Introducing difficult edges and turns on patterns
  • STAR 3-4 Synchro - Blocks, lines, wheels, and circles
For an overview on the STAR 1-5 curriculum, please see the document below:
Senior skaters are entering the STAR 6-GOLD levels with the hopes of achieving one (or more) gold tests!
For more information on STAR 6-Gold, please see the document below:

How does this work?

Skaters in Intermediate and Senior will be practicing independently during their skating sessions, however they will also receive private lessons. These lessons are usually 10-15 minutes in length and are organized between each family and the coaching team to determine a comfortable budget for your skater. The monthly lesson budget for these levels varies, but is usually between $100 - $200 per month. Skaters are expected to skate 3-4 days per week to maintain their skills while also progressing further in their STAR Assessment levels. 
For more information on Intermediate and Senior, please see the document below:

Days and session times can be found under the REGISTRATION page! 

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All transactions are in Canadian Dollars